Welcome to Our Clinic


  1. Represent health clinic which well known by local people and the companies in North Jakarta and surrounding areas.
  2. Fully supported by reliable team, compact and professional in order to give satisfaction to patients.
  3. Provide various types of medical examinations completely according to the needs of patients.
  4. Can check medical examinations / Medical Check Up in 3 Branch Oilia Medical Centre Clinics which spread in North Jakarta.
  5. Have medical team and doctors who skilled, swift and friendly to the patient.
  6. Always respond to the complaint from patients.


Quality of medical team in Oilia Medical Centre has the ability in accordance with the disclipine of science.

The entire division had been traided as professional because we recruited selectively so that Oilia Medical Centre today can compete professionality and to become the best in the area of North Jakarta.


Benefits which obtained from this medical services cooperation are :

  1. Getting treatment which very affordable cost
  2. All employees who seek treatment do not need carry cash
  3. Examination done by an experienced practitioner
  4. In emergency condition, employees only showed employees sign cards
  5. Assisting the company in controlling letter, rest / sick / receipts according to the agreed cooperation agreements
  6. For employees who have serious illness / emergency, after we give first aid we will automatically send (refer) directly to the hospital
  7. Faciliate the company to manage finances with good cash flows, this is due to billing treatment which done once a month in the following provissions :
    a. Submission of billing invoices between date 1 – 2 per month
    b. Payment receipt date of billing by the company approximately date 1 – 10 per month
  8. Etc (provided in agreement contract)